ALIGN om grootschalige efficiënte toepassing van CCUS-technologieën in 2025 mogelijk te maken

  • looptijd: 2017 - 2020
  • locatie: Delft,
  • functie: CO2

Align CCUSThe multi-partner ALIGN CCUS project unites science and industry in a shared goal of transforming six European industrial regions into economically robust, low-carbon centres by 2025.

Our international partnership of 34 research institutes and industrial companies has secured European and national funding for six specific but interlinking areas of research into carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Research results will be used to draw up blueprints to deliver CCUS in the industrial regions of Teesside and Grangemouth in the UK; Rotterdam in the Netherlands; North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany; Grenland in Norway; and Oltenia in Romania.

Align impact

By helping to address specific issues faced by industry, we aim to support the quick and cost-effective deployment of CCUS, enabling Europe’s industrial and power sectors to be part of a low-carbon future while remaining economically viable.

Our three-year project will focus on:

  • optimising and reducing the costs of CO2 capture technology
  • planning large-scale CO2 transport
  • providing sufficient and safe offshore CO2 storage
  • developing the use of CO2 in energy storage and conversion
  • understanding and supporting social acceptance of CCUS

The project’s technical research will make use of existing pilot and demonstration projects, which are in various phases of development. It will also focus on real-life industrial clusters, where companies have already identified CCUS as a key technology for reducing the environmental footprint of their operations. Find out more about these clusters here.

The ALIGN-CCUS project has six distinct work packages.

  1. Capture
  2. Transport
  3. Storage
  4. CO2 reuse
  5. Industrial Clusters
  6. Society


Align wordt gecoördineerd door
Peter van Os, TNO
Project Coordinator
+31 (0)88 866 64 25

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Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

De subsidieregeling CCUS stimuleert innovaties die:

  • barrières wegnemen bij CCUS-projecten; technische, economische én maatschappelijke barrières
  • kosten verlagen, de energie-efficiency verhogen én de veiligheid vergroten van afvang, transport en opslag van CO2
  • hergebruik van CO2 bevorderen

Afvang, transport en opslag van CO2 is voor Nederland kansrijk:

  • door de structuur van de Nederlandse energie- en industriesectoren.
  • de (mogelijke) toekomstige beschikbaarheid van infrastructuur en opslagmogelijkheden voor CO2.
  • de Nederlandse kennispositie op dit terrein.

Potentiële oplossingen worden benaderd vanuit technologisch, economisch, maatschappelijk en/of juridisch perspectief.

Subsidie: ERA-NET


Align CCUS
  1. Capture

Preparing for large-scale capture demonstration

  • Emission control
  • Solvent management
  • Dynamics and control
  • Cost reduction

2. Transport

Preparing for large-scale transport networks for offshore storage of CO2

  • COshipping
  • Batch-wise injection
  • CO2 specifications
  • Planning for flexible networks

3. Storage

Strategic storage for ALIGN-CCUS European industrial clusters

  • Standardizing storage readiness
  • North sea storage appraisals
  • Re-use of existing assets

4. CO2 reuse

Large-scale energy storage and conversion

  • CCU demonstrator construction
  • Engine adaption
  • Operation and testing
  • CCU integration and scale-up

5. Industrial Clusters

Blueprints for low carbon industrial clusters through CCUS

  • Teeside and Grangemouth (UK)
  • Rotterdam (NL)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia (DE)
  • Grenland (NO)
  • Oltenia region (RO)
  • Commercial models for CCUS clusters

6. Society

Implementing CCUS in society

  • Assessing public opinion
  • Compensation strategies
  • Improving EU dialogue on CCUS


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