PowerMatcher 2.0 – Flexible Power Alliance Network (FAN)

  • looptijd: 2012 - 2016
  • locatie: Amsterdam,
  • functie: Energiebewustzijn verhogen, meer flex

The redesigned PowerMatcher provides easier utilization in smart grids, by grid companies, aggregators and local energy collectives. It also contains a new congestion management tool for electricity grids.

Next to the Open Source code, the new PowerMatcherSuite is also available as runtime-demo, that can be downloaded as a compressed file, ready to be unpacked and run.

PowerMatcher open source

The open source is freely available from our Flexible Power Alliance Network (FAN) organization  – community development website 

PowerMatcher™ Suit eis an interactive automated system for local exchange of electricity between end-users, local generation and “prosumers”.

It was first implemented successfully in the awarded ‘PowerMatching City 2’ project in Hoogkerk, Groningen, and incorporated in several follow-up projects, like “Couperus” building featuring heat pumps balancing wind energy generation.

Be ready to engage in the new world of flexible power.

PowerMatcher 2.0 Implementations:

Samenwerkende partners in Flexible Power Alliance Network (FAN) zijn: AllianderStedin Netbeheer BVTNO en CGI


PowerMatcher 2.0 - Flexible Power Alliance Network (FAN)

Use a single open standard…

Many devices can use energy in a flexible way, choices exist in time of usage, or amount of power used. But one key condition is a single open standard for passing through flexibility information and for informing the device which choices have been selected, considering the entire (local) energy market.

  • FAN is a communication layer between devices and energy services.
    • On the one hand, appliances indicate the minimum amount of energy they need to operate properly.
    • On the other hand, energy services can work out when the circumstances are ideal for energy use (depending on e.g. the weather forecast and energy price).
    • FAN helps to use the available energy as smartly and flexibly as possible.
  • FAN promotes the cost-efficient standardization of technology in devices and energy services by encouraging manufacturers to develop a single standard together.
  • In this way, new technology can develop faster and become more scalable. Because suppliers of energy services will only need to develop a service once, before rolling it out to all users of the standard.

Thanks to FAN energy services can know, for instance:

  • how many hours a freezer can remain cold enough at a less-cold setting
  • when a car battery needs recharging
  • how much electricity the solar panels will likely yield on a given day

FAN is open source. Everyone is free to use this international standard. FAN is suitable for all appliances, of whatever make or model. The standard also encourages the continuous development of new applications.

FAN can determine the energy flexibility of every type of device in a uniform manner. The first energy service to be supplied with FAN is the PowerMatcherTM. This software helps to match the supply and demand of electricity. PowerMatcherTM proves the power of the FAN concept.