PreACT methode om veilige CO2-opslag te monitoren

  • looptijd: 2017 - 2020
  • locatie: Oslo,
  • functie: CO2

Pre-ACT richt zich op een methode om veilige CO2-opslag te monitoren.

The main storage-related challenges for accelerated deployment of CCS are capacity, confidence and cost. PreACT is an industry-driven research project with a strong focus on improving strategies for monitoring and management of pore pressure distribution to address these challenges.

PreACT impact

PreACT will develop pressure-driven decision support protocols (PreACT Protocols) which will be a cost-efficient system for reservoir monitoring that helps the operator maximize CO2 storage capacity and quickly turn monitoring data into corrective action.

PreACT has secured access to a wide and relevant set of monitoring data from key demonstration sites across the world to calibrate, verify and demonstrate the value of the pressure-driven decision support protocols created in PreACT for specific challenges.

The industrial partners will be instrumental in securing the relevance and applicability of the tools and methodologies developed in the project and will bring their operational experience and perspective.

Work packages

PreACT comprises five technical work packages, designed to build the different elements in the pressure driven decision support protocols.

  1. WP1 deals with the development and demonstration of methods to model pressure build-up and distribution.
  2. WP2 and WP3 deal with development and demonstration of a modelling-monitoring loop for conformance assessment. Based on the compilation of a unique archive of existing and new data sets from relevant pilot and field sites
  3. WP4 will derive recommendations for decision making procedures.
  4. In WP5, North Sea case studies will be carried out, demonstrating the value of the protocols developed in PreACT. The project also includes first of a kind experiments at the ECCSEL Svelvik site.


Statoil, TOTAL, Shell and TAQA

PreACT has established a solid cooperation with US and Australia.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

De subsidieregeling CCUS stimuleert innovaties die:

  • barrières wegnemen bij CCUS-projecten; technische, economische én maatschappelijke barrières
  • kosten verlagen, de energie-efficiency verhogen én de veiligheid vergroten van afvang, transport en opslag van CO2
  • hergebruik van CO2 bevorderen
  • Afvang, transport en opslag van CO2 is voor Nederland kansrijk:

door de structuur van de Nederlandse energie- en industriesectoren.

  • de (mogelijke) toekomstige beschikbaarheid van infrastructuur en opslagmogelijkheden voor CO2
  • de Nederlandse kennispositie op dit terrein

Potentiële oplossingen worden benaderd vanuit technologisch, economisch, maatschappelijk en/of juridisch perspectief.

Subsidie: ERA-NET


ACT Coordinator: Ragnhild Rønneberg, The Research Council of Norway 
P.O Box 564 N-1327 Lysaker, Norway
Visiting address: Drammensveien 288, 0283 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 03 70 00
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  Marjan van Loon    070 – 377 87 50