Realizing the smart grid

  • looptijd: 2014 - 2015
  • locatie: Groningen,
  • functie: Energiebewustzijn verhogen, meer flex

Reliable scenarios for consumer adoption and use of smart energy systems (SES) at the neighborhood level are essential to secure stability of the grid.

Realizing the smart grid: aligning consumer behavior with technological opportunities

Realizing the smart grid

The transition to SES is a radical and systemic innovation that is expected to greatly increase heterogeneity in consumer’s energy behaviour, which results in a need for micro-level models of consumer behaviour.

The envisioned benefits of smart energy systems will only be realized if consumers

  1. adopt smart energy technologies,
  2. use these technologies in a way that is aligned with energy system reliability, efficiency, and sustainability

However, the energy behaviour of consumers has proven difficult to influence and is a major source of uncertainty in the development of smart energy systems.

This proposal therefore addresses the question: Which individual factors predict, explain, and influence consumer adoption and use of smart energy technologies that will result in a reduction of uncertainty in smart energy systems?

Smart grid – profitable for all


The project is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).


Enexis, Universiteit Groningen Environmental Psychology



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