Sociale innovatie Advanced

  • looptijd: 2012 - 2014
  • locatie: Delft,
  • functie: Energiebewustzijn verhogen, meer flex

Sociale innovatie Advanced – Leveraging on the empirical data and lessons learnt in real Active Demand (AD) experiences, the overall objective of the 24 months project is to develop actionable frameworks enabling residential, commercial and industrial consumers to participate in AD.

The scope of the project is to demonstrate whether giving to end users a feedback on their energy consumption can address more efficient energy behaviors.

Furthermore, the benefits of AD for the key stakeholders and the inherent impacts on the electricity systems considering its potential contribution to system stability and efficiency are to be quantified taking different scenarios into account.

This will be achieved through comparing the different AD solutions applied in Europe and enhancing them by the investigation of socio-economic and behavioral factors with direct involvement of real consumers.

On this basis, key success factors of AD and recommendations for the future design of AD programs will be derivedHet betreft hier een VP EE (Vraaggestuurd Programma Energie Efficiëntie) subsidieproject uitgegeven door TNO.


Enel Distributione, Comillas, Entelios, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNO, TNS, VaasaETT


Subsidie: EU FP7


Sociale innovatie Advanced
  • Eindresultaat geeft AD pilot én roll-out partijen richtlijnen voor succesvolle eindgebruikersparticipatie en inzicht in de effecten op systeemniveau.
  • Active Demand Value
    De twee belangrijkste KPI’s van ADVANCED zijn flexibiliteit en energie efficiency.
  • Currently, 1,500 LV households are taking part in the pilot.

Applicable insight

  • True Smart Energy solutions will only be created by a comprehensive roadmap that takes social and behavioural impact into account.
  • That’s why, in addition to TNO’s extensive work in Smart Grid technological advancements, we also focus on the behavioural factors that will, in the end, be the deciding factor of a program’s success.

ADVANCED can help influence the adoption of Smart Energy and impact behavioural change in consumers on the household level. In this way, ADVANCED is offering crucial insights that will impact the Energy sector for many years to come.

The consumers participating to the project thus receive an energy monitoring kit including Enel Smart Info® and dedicated interfaces.

The Enel Info+ kit and the related monitoring solutions are modular and foresee three levels of analysis.
The first one is based on the use of Smart Info Display, a full colour, touch screen in-house display, that lets the consumers keep an eye on their household energy consumption pattern easily. Smart Info Display provides both close to real time and historical information on energy consumption, which are shown in bar graphs and pie charts to highlight their mean value and how they split in tariff time bands for different periods of time (a single day, one week, one month, a bi-month, one year). The actual power and tariff time band are displayed, together with the date and time of tariff time band switching. Moreover additional feedback contents are given such as alarms at pre-defined, modifiable thresholds and when the contractual power is exceeded, DSO’s announcements and contractual data.

The second monitoring solution is based on Smart Info Manager, a software application that allows the consumers to examine their consumption data in depth on their personal computers and the energy prosumers to compare production and consumption data.

The third monitoring solution is based on the smartphone App Smart Info Mobile that enables the consumers/prosumers remote access to their own energy data.

“Prosumers”, consumers who are also producers of renewable energy (by photovoltaic or mini-eolic plants), receive an additional Enel smart info in order to manage both production and consumption metering data.

Moreover all participants receive a quarterly feedback report helping them to get awareness of their behaviour, any changes they make and how their peers are behaving. The consumption patterns of the families living in municipalities included in the project have been observed by Enel Distribuzione since 2011.
Moreover the participants consumption are observed by Enel Distribuzione for the whole duration of the trial and compared with the pre-pilot ones as well as analyzed in relation to other factors (e.g. household size, number and type of appliances, etc..). Besides, a “control group” of consumers who do not take part to the trial are selected and monitored, to verify that the use of the Enel Info+ kit is actually responsible for any change in the load curves.
Additional information is gathered by means of interviews carried out among an appropriate representative sample of families participating to the trial and among the control group likewise.


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