Capacity Energy

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Capacity Energy Storage is an energy service provider around flexibility management.

Our focus lies on providing solutions for unbalance issues, frequency control and congestion management.

Our company has a background in smart storage and has capabilities in both delivering services as well as hardware (batteries and flywheels). Additionally, CES is looking to develop storage and aggregation solutions for households to allow them to benefit from dynamic market prices for power, as well as optimization of own use of self generated power, if and when market conditions allow.

Unlocking the value of flexible electricity consumption

Electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day, hour and minute.
Capacity Energy helps businesses, by shifting their electricity consumption in time, to profit from these price-dynamics in a way that it reduces their electricity bill.

Capacity Energy

We will connect a small box, which contains a computer running our software, to the customer’s device or process which can be varied in time. This box communicates with our platform. It sends information to the platform about the price and availability of flexibility.

The platform compares this information with real time market data and the the price and availability of other flexibility sources. The platform then communicates back to the box if it should ramp up, or ramp down the process or device to be profitable.


Capacity Energy
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