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The expertise and core proposition of CarbonMatters is profitable CO2 reduction. We support you in achieving sustainability business targets.

CarbonMatters products

This proposition is offered to you through three products.

  1. CO2 Footprint and Benchmark
  2. Profitable Carbon abatement options and quantified business cases
  3. Implementation- or internal audit of the control framework


Carbon Management is the primary focus. Our product base is driven by economics, not by subsidies or other uncertain incentives. Sustainability is wider then just Carbon Management hence we include environmental and social aspects when relevant for your supply chain. We ensure that our proposals for improvement match current legislative requirements and have flexibility to be adapted in line with future directives.


If ever there was a time to capitalize on sustainable development as business opportunity it is now. In case you think to benefit from external expert advice please contact us today. We offer you support based on:

  • Subject matter expertise and know-how
  • Longstanding experience in process industry
  • Integration of technical aspects and delivery of a control framework


CO2 footprint and benchmark

In view of both your organization’s economic/ social responsibilities and investor/ customer interests you want to know where your CO2 emissions are, how much it is and what options you have to profitably reduce your overall CO2 emission performance. More and more of your customers are looking for an insight in your CO2footprint as part of their considerations in selecting their suppliers.

The absolute size of the footprint does not mean much without comparison to your peer’s or competition.

CarbonMatters benchmarking expertise will tell you where you are and what gap you may want to bridge.

Low Carbon Solutions

Having established where you are enables you to set targets and a strategy. CO2abatement costs, benefits and economics are the core of this part of the proposition. The execution of abatement options as defined represents the major part of the economic added value of eco-efficiency.

Control Framework/ Internal audit

Risk based Internal auditing follows the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), ISO and WRI explicit standards and processes. This approach drives an evidence based assessment of the suitability of the control framework for achieving your objectives related to sustainability as set for your organisation. Compliance to applicable regulations is part of the scope. Alternatively we design and implement a control framework matching your targets

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