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The NGO Eco2city aims at efficient and zero emission city logistics in cities all over Europe. Eco2city has been working in this field since the foundation in 2008. Today it is the driving force behind the, is a consultancy NGO for several European cities and acts as a partner in research projects.

Eco2city & BinnenstadService Nederland

Eco2city has been working on the development of the concept Binnenstadservice for years. Today, Eco2city is working on the connection between the several local initiatives in Europe. The combined forces of all city logistic initiatives can speed up the transition we’ll have to make.

This connection is made by creating and using the Triple X vision on city logistics:

  • the X of the virtual flow: decoupling and rearranging information that comes along with the freight, in order to uptimize uban freigth flows;
  • the X of the financial flow: decoupling and rearranging the ‘euro-flow’, the division of costs and benefits in the supply chain;
  • the X of the physical flow: running operational SmartCityHubs at the edge of each city to bundle the small volume fows of goods.

Eco2city particpates in two research projects

  1. LaMiLo (Last Mile Logistics)
  2. CargoHitching
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