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EnergyStock provides unique fast-cycle gas storage services giving you the flexibility you require for portfolio management and trading. Injection and withdrawal capacity is available 24/7 throughout the year. Our services are engineered to address your specific needs and are available at one of the most liquid hubs, the TTF.

EnergyStock underground Gas Storage

EnergyStock owns a completely different kind of underground gas storage compared to the other traditional gas storage facilities in Europe. In fact, we operate the fastest gas storage facility in the world with significantly more cycle times than traditional facilities. Most of the traditional underground gas storage facilities are mainly able to address a seasonal or peak pattern.

Given their injection and withdrawal specifications, the low turnover rates and lengthy switch times they cannot provide the high speed response needed to cope with the volatile patterns of the new energy world.


We believe that these changes call for increasingly flexible energy storage; flexibility will become a stand-alone product with its own liquid market. We serve energy companies and traders with tailor-made solutions to optimize energy portfolios, manage risks and increase profits.

EnergyStock is a member of the Gasunie Group

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