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Smartpower Suite®

Enervalis creates the Operating System of the future Energy System and this via it’s Smartpower Suite® software as a service (SAAS) & hardware solutions that enable electricity producers, distributors and consumers to save or make money by optimizing their energy supply, storage and demand flexibility automatically.

Our Smartpower Suite Core technology components are combined as needed to enable our solutions & services

  • Common & customisable UI library
  • Wholesale energy market trading
  • Proven, Java-based IoT middleware
  • Cloud-based & local via hardware gateways
  • App, GUIs & Gamefication
  • Forecasting engine for production and consumption
  • SMARTPOWER+ optimization
  • Security and broad device / protocol support


Enervalis works with leading “smart city” municipalities and companies in the Electric Vehicle, Construction and Utilities industries on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

Smart EV charging

Links EVs, EV user profiles, their demands and usage pattern predictability with:

  • Sun & wind forecasts
  • All available electricity sources
  • Available charging infrastructure

In order to optimize towards either of below:

  • Maximize local green energy usage
  • Maximize electrical connection capacity
  • Minimize charging costs
  • Network reserve asset (pure DSM)

While maximizing demand-side EV availability & range

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