Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business

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Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business is a specialist research centre focusing on the energy market, based at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

  • We find, identify, analyse and build game-changing strategies in the energy sector
  • We connect business and society by showing the energy future here today
  • We define future energy business that delivers sustainable impact, empowers knowledge and inspires tomorrow’s leaders
  • We uphold the highest standards for our creativity and academic integrity in order to effect the transformation of the energy market.

Erasmus Centre Key Facts

  • 20+ core members at RSM in the Netherlands; academics, researchers and advisers
  • Working closely with partner universities worldwide
  • World class expertise in management science, economics, and computational modelling for energy markets
  • Designer and co-ordinator of Power TAC, the Trading Agent Competition for power market. Power TAC provides an open, modular research testbed for evaluating power market designs and trading strategies
  • Host of the Erasmus Energy  Forum, a platform for discussion between business, science and policymakers.



Sustainable and smart market design

As consumers’ attitude towards energy consumption and availability is changing, new technology is giving them greater decision making power. Micro generation and smart grid systems are dissolving traditional roles of producers and consumers. New business models are necessary as this flexibility is demanded within the course of the day.

Electric Vehicles, smart charging and electric loading

We focus on Electric Vehicles and Energy Smart Grids. New profitable business models for this changing markets are needed to enable the contribution of renewable energy to the current grid market.

Energy cooperatives in port and industry

Many companies operate in the Port of Rotterdam because of its strategic access to Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. To reduce the impact of the port’s industrial facilities on the environment parties are gathering in energy cooperatives to join utilities instead of each company generating energy from fossil fuels. ECFEB is providing their knowledge and insights on new business models and algorithms to sustain the energy grid and power supplies.

In 2016 ECFEB launches Rotterdam Port Energy Co-operative to boost industrial efficiency. Industrial energy consumers, energy providers, smart grid operators and energy trading platforms based in the Port of Rotterdam are looking for coalition partners to research its financial, social and security benefits. Watch our video for more information.

Smart Cities

ECFEB helps smart and sustainable cities to become innovation leaders in providing smart solutions to significantly increase cities’ overall energy and resource efficiency of building stock, energy systems, urban (e-)mobility and public space.

Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business
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