Eternal Sun

  • Type organisatie: High tech: Producent / Leverancier van high tech apparatuur

Eternal Sun Group is a leading PV module testing company. The company consists of Eternal Sun BV which aims at innovative steady state solar simulation solutions for the R&D and certification market and of Spire Solar LLC which aims at the PV module manufacturing market.

The two companies address different markets, and together are able to offer quality control, insight and confidence across the entire solar industry.

Solar team sponsoring

Eternal Sun Group believes in the potential of solar and the potential of technical students, therefore we sponsor the two solar related raceteams of the Delft University of Technology:

  • The Nuon Solar Team
    famous for winning the World Solar Challenge in Australia 5 times
  • The Delft University of Technology Solar Boat Team
    which is competing in the Solar Boat World Cup and the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup (Monaco)

Part of this sponsorship is helping them to improve the performance of their solar racing equipment with advanced solar simulation equipment and specialized testing services. The subsequent aim is showing the world the possibilities of advanced technology and solar power and inspiring people to strive for a more sustainable future.

Eternal Sun
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