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Nedstack is one of the leading PEM fuel cell manufacturers in the world and is a completely independent company. We produce Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM Fuel Cells, the most versatile type of fuel cells available. Nedstack is the fuel cell stack provider of choice for (heavy duty) transportation, Fuel Cell power plants, telecom, rail and utilities applications.

Privately-owned Nedstack is dedicated to designing and producing the best value for money PEM fuel cell stacks in the market. Our main customers are system integrators who use our stacks to build systems to power various applications. Nedstack supports customers with system integration know-how which has been developed in various demonstration projects.

Apart from the delivery of stacks and know-how, we build turn-key PEM power plants to co-generate energy from hydrogen produced in chlor-alkali plants.

NedStack & Akzo Nobel

In 1997 AkzoNobel Research started the development of its PEM fuel cell technology. AkzoNobel is a Netherlands-based, multi-national manufacturing corporation active in healthcare products, coatings and chemicals. This meant we were off to a flying start: all necessary materials and technology (like membranes, fluor polymers, composites, catalysts and non-wovens) were available within the company.

The PEM fuel cells were developed to use at some of AkzoNobel’s production sites. Almost ten years later, seven development engineers got the opportunity to take over AkzoNobel’s PEM activities. They recognized the broader potential of PEM fuel cells as a sustainable source of power.

Nedstack was founded in November of 1998. All of AkzoNobel’s fuel cell know-how was transferred to Nedstack.

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