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OMNETRIC Group brings together the best of two worlds: Siemens’ leading energy technology product portfolio with Accenture’s systems integration, consulting and managed services capabilities to support clients with innovative solutions wherever they may be on their path to a smarter grid.

With the agility of a start-up and market might of its shareholders, OMNETRIC Group offers an entrepreneurial culture, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. As part of our team, you’ll work across a broad range of projects with other seasoned experts in the utilities and energy sectors.

Balancing demand and supply

Balancing demand and supply by intelligently forecasting, influencing and optimizing power consumption, renewable generation, and use of available resources.

The stability of the grid depends on utilities’ ability to balance demand and supply in real time. Changes in consumption, the integration of renewables, and more sophisticated control technologies mean utilities can now more actively manage demand. Active load management unifies traditionally siloed
utility systems, leveraging information within the transmission and distribution networks to forecast, influence, and optimize grid conditions in near-real time.


facilitates active load management via a distributed energy resource management system helping utilities leverage existing infrastructure and integrate renewables, back office IT/OT systems, and consumer demand, to dynamically balance demand and supply. We also help link these systems to energy markets to influence and optimize power consumption, allowing utilities to see true financial benefits.

Omnetric BV
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