Process Design Center B.V.

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Process Design Center (PDC) is specialized in (biobased) conceptual process design, energy efficiency and techno-economic evaluation.

From our offices in Breda (the Netherlands), Wuustwezel (Belgium) and Tucson (USA) our team provides consultancy services worldwide. Among our clients are the major players in the process industry as well as technology startups who want to turn their (biobased) chemistry into reality.

Process Design Center

With her proprietary process expert system PROSYN, PDC can provide a unique set off services in (biobased) process development & process evaluation.

We develop and employ unique proprietary expert systems: PROSYN®, which allow to significantly enhanced the process development capabilities of our partners and clients. Cost savings of 20 to 50% have been reached while simultaneously reducing the development time by a factor of two.

Process Design Center B.V.
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