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Quby. Powering Change

With an innovative product and service package and the market’s best smart thermostat, Quby enables utilities to future-proof their business and build a profitable, long-term relationship with their customers.

The energy market is changing rapidly – with Quby products and expertise we enable utilities to be successful leaders in this energy transition.

Our combined smart thermostat and energy display is the result of intelligent technology, beautiful design and user-friendly software.

It quickly becomes a central part of the home and people’s lives, transforming yearly interaction with end-users into a daily one, reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty, while boosting profitability.
It’s a platform that offers utilities the chance to become the kind of service provider customers love.

Quby is a fast growing international company with a passionate team of experts. Already a European market leader in smart thermostats, we commit to exclusive and long-term strategic partnerships with energy providers and white label solutions.

Want to evolve your business? Let Quby power your change.

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       1096 CJ Amsterdam,
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