Royal Haskoning DHV

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Royal Haskoning DHV

Once it was enough for engineers to ask themselves: How can people’s lives be made easier? Today, in the face of unprecedented challenge and change, we believe the question no longer goes far enough.

In response, the work and passion of Royal Haskoning DHV is focused towards a deeper question.

How do we make people’s lives not simply easier, but better? This is what ‘Enhancing Society Together’ stands for.


Royal Haskoning DHV is an independent international engineering and project management consultancy. Our 6,500 professionals are guided by a common principle – to enhance society together. For the past 135 years, we have been working with clients in more than 150 countries on projects that have improved living circumstances for many people.

We are committed to deliver added value for our clients while at the same time addressing the challenges societies across the world are facing today – in respect of cities, water, transport and industry. We are helping our clients, public and private, to be truly prepared for the consequences of these challenges.

Working alone, we cannot change the world. Working together with our clients, academic and research institutions, partners, stakeholders and communities, we are in the process of moving towards a better future for all.

Royal Haskoning DHV
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