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Siemens is making its mark on the smart grid world by creating three separate types of smart grid management tools, known as the SIGUIRD suite.

Each of these three tools can be used individually or along with another of the tools. These three tools are:

  • Phasor Data Processer (PDP)
  • Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA)
  • Protection Security Assessment (PSA)

Each of these tools help operate smart grids in a safe and protected way. They also enhance the capability of a smart grid to be analyzed with improved accuracy, which can be used to increase operating efficiency and provide better service.

Siemens has 526 smart grid related patents. These patents are focused on innovations that help them create effective monitoring solutions as well as enhance smart grid security.

Beyond standard electrical smart grids for businesses and homes, Siemens is also making advancements towards moving mass transit onto smart grid applications in order to increase their operating energy efficiency.

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