• Type organisatie: High tech: Producent / Leverancier van high tech apparatuur

Solmates is a fast growing and ambitious OEM company, with its mission to position PLD as a mainstream deposition technology equal to ALD and sputtering.

Solmates is a spin-off company of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, located at Science Park Twente, in Enschede, the Netherlands.

It was founded from a specialized PLD research group (IMS) chaired by prof. Dave Blank and prof. Guus Rijnders. Its employees are highly recognized specialists in PLD of which many have a semiconductor industry background.

History Solmates

Since Solmates was established in 2007 it has generated multiple patents and has brought pulsed laser deposition from lab scale to production level. Currently Solmates has over half a dozen development and pilot production systems running at various customers worldwide.

 Drienerlolaan 5, Building 46,
       7522 NB Enschede,
       , Nederland
  Matthijn Dekkers    +31 53 7009 709