Spectral Energy

  • Type organisatie: Adviesbureau

Spectral strategic advisors is a spin-off of Metabolic, an action agency for sustainable development, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The team started working together in 2012, under Metabolic, where we applied our expertise in clean technologies to develop projects like “De Ceuvel” – an office park in Amsterdam North which has received global attention as a showcase for sustainable urban development.

Spectral believes in a green future

“Spectral develops technological solutions that unlock the value of energy storage, demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy, propelling the evolution of smart energy networks.”

Growing awareness around the impacts of climate change has propelled a rapid movement towards fully renewable, emissions-free energy supply. At this moment, most grid infrastructure can only support a limited amount (10-20%*) of renewable energy input while remaining stable, due to the fluctuating nature of renewable energy streams.

Current market models are based on a largely supply-driven energy economy which lacks the flexibility needed to allow for higher penetration of renewables.

New, intelligent ways of managing energy supply and demand, combined with innovative business models, are needed in order to effectively manage our transition towards a clean energy economy.

Spectral Energy
 Meteorenweg 280
       1035 RN Amsterdam,
       , Nederland
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