Target Holding – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

  • Type organisatie: Kennisinstituut

Target is one of the largest ongoing public-private projects in the Netherlands in the area of large-scale data management and information systems.

The project focuses on research and development of innovative intelligent information systems that can efficiently process data and extract information from extremely large and structurally diverse datasets. Based on the partnership of research institutions, local and global IT businesses, Target has set up an expertise center in Groningen for data management of (inter)national science projects in the area of astronomy, life sciences and artificial intelligence, as well as a number of innovative commercial applications in the field of information technologies.

Target also manages and maintains the second largest academic computer center in the Netherlands hosted by the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology at the University of Groningen.

Target Holding – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
 Friesestraatweg 213A
       9743 AD Groningen,
       , Nederland
  Edwin A. Valentijn    +31 (0)50 3634011