Topell Energy

  • Type organisatie: High tech: Producent / Leverancier van high tech apparatuur

Topell Energy is a privately funded Dutch clean technology company that has developed a cutting edge patent-protected process for the production of high value solid biofuel from woody biomass.

Our technology is proven at commercial scale and can be demonstrated at our own plant in The Netherlands, and is now being commercialized internationally.

Torrefied biomass

Our technology process is generally known as torrefaction and the solid biofuel is referred to as torrefied biomass, black pellets, or biocoal. We are proud to have a highly qualified and knowledgeable group of staff and have been able to attract significant funding from industry backed investors as well as local governments, underlining the importance and potential impact of our technology.

Topell Energy is een van de partners in de Dutch Torrefaction Association (DTA)

Topell Energy
 Siriusdreef 17-27
       2132 WT Hoofddorp,
       , Nederland
  Rob Voncken    +31 - 23 - 568 92 47