Energie systeemintegratie en Big Data minisymposium

Big Energy data

Big Energy data
Energienetwerken staan niet meer op zichzelf. Er is een integratie nodig met andere gegevensbronnen, zoals geo-informatie, weergegevens, verkeersgegevens, consument-gerelateerde gerapporteerde sociale gegevens en het Internet of Things (IoT).

Big Energy data

  • Thema: Analysis of big data
  • Onderwerp: Developing algorithms for dealing with big energy data and complex networks concerning smart energy systems

The “smart” in smart energy systems is facilitated by ICT and refers to dynamically controlling the system in the face of load fluctuations and anomalies or network failures.

Within Alliander’s MS-LiveLab project, a test environment has been realized to gain knowledge on digitizing the (existing) Medium Voltage networks.

MS-LiveLab generates data

MS-LiveLab is installed in the city of Zaltbommel and is expected to generate a large amount of data. The objectives of this project are threefold:

  1. What kind of data is needed and can be collected, how and where can it be efficiently stored, and how frequently – and to where – does it need to be communicated?
  2. What kind of communications and computations infrastructure is needed? There is a strong need for dynamic access to scalable computing and network resources.
  3. Efficiently processing vast amounts of fine-grained data in near-real-time, commonly referred to as data analytics.

Developing algorithms for dealing with big energy data and complex networks constitutes a fairly new area within the field of algorithm design and will require a tailor-made multi-disciplinary solution.

Samenwerkende partners:  TU DelftRijksuniversiteit Groningen, ECN, Royal Haskoning DHV, Liander, DC Offshore Enegy, Grontmij, NUON

PhD student: …
Supervisor: Fernando Kuipers

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