E-REGIO: Smart Energy Service Provider

E-REGIO seeks to combine cross-national knowledge and demonstration projects to further bring to life the concept of local smart energy.

We have partners from 3-4 countries with at least two pilot sites from different countries (Norway, Germany) showcasing local markets.

A local market is a trading platform to enable producers, prosumers and consumers to exchange local and renewable electricity in a neighbourhood. Such live tests are new, and research is needed in order to find the correct business models and the connection with wholesale markets, as well as the regulatory framework in Europe.

In addition to pilots, fundamental research and simulation studies will be performed in order to find the best design for such a market, which will empower all stakeholders.

E-REGIO goal

E-REGIO will analyse, test and validate a new way to implement local energy markets managed by a Smart Energy Service Provider (SESP), using storage as a market hub in combination with solar photovoltaics and flexible assets, such as electric vehicles, domestic water heaters, and heat pumps.

The main challenges our project will address are:

  1. Enabling an increased flexibility of the power system to cope with the growing share of intermittent, variable and decentralized renewable generation and managing the complex interactions.
  2. Increase network capacity to support increased generation and transmission resulting from renewables and in support of the internal energy market.
  3. Provide information, services, market architectures and privacy guarantees to support open local markets for energy products and services, whilst facilitating the active participation of customers.


TU Eindhoven faculteit Electrical Engineering

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dr. (M.) Madeleine Gibescu
E-mail: m.gibescu@tue.nl

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