Disconnectors in high-voltage grids

Disconnectors in high-voltage grids. Goal: Development of a predictive power transformer lifetime model supported with knowledge of degradation processes.

Extension of the applications of disconnectors in high-voltage grids

Presently three projects are dedicated to the study of components applied in the high- and medium-voltage grids:

  1. Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostics on medium-voltage cables (2 Ph.D. positions)
  2. Remaining lifetime of power transformers and transformer population (1 Ph.D. position)
  3. Extension of the applications of disconnectors in high-voltage grids(1 Ph.D. position)
  • Thema: physical infrastructures
  • Onderwerp: Power electronics components and systems

Cables: Online Partial Discharge Diagnostics (PD-OL)

Partial discharges, caused by defects, are detected and localized

PD-OL goal: continuous condition monitoring of cable systems to prevent black-outs

Transformers: An Integral Power Transformer Lifetime Model

Research goal: Development of a predictive power transformer lifetime model supported with knowledge of the degradation processes.

Model features

  • The best possible prediction of future failure probability given the data available
  • Well-substantiated support in reviewing scenarios for operational, tactical and strategic decisions
  • Account for the effects of regeneration and degeneration. • Recognizes causes of uncertainty from a sensitivity analysis and suggest measures to reduce uncertainty
  • Applicable to individual transformers and to transformer populations

Switchgear: Increasing Current Interruption Capability of Open-Air Disconnectors

Research goal: Development of a new generation of disconnection switches that switch higher current than usual


  • Setting-up of a high-voltage experiment for measurement of fast phenomena in free burning arcs in atmospheric air
  • Understanding and modelling of the relevant (chaotic, statistical) processes of repetitive re-ignition and withstand voltage building up
  • Study of influences on the processes above by mechanical, electrical and chemical means
  • Development and testing of a disconnector prototype for higher current interruption capacity

Link to the researches


Eindhoven University Electrical Engineering, DNV GL, IOP, Hapam



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