m2M-GRID aims to accelerate the adoption of a variety of micro grids in the mega scale of distribution grids.

m2M-GRID – From micro towards Mega GRID: Interaction of micro grids in Active Distribution Network

  • Thema: Hard- and software development, big data management
  • Onderwerp: Developing algorithms for dealing with big energy data and complex networks concerning smart energy systems


Based on a synergy between power grid and ICT technologies, a new smart grid generation will be enabled by decentralized control via technology-based micro grids and active participation of end-users in market-based micro grids.

However, adoption of such bottom-up technologies in a mega scale of distribution grids is facing challenges from coexistence of top-down grid control system and market models.


m2M-GRID aims to accelerate the adoption of a variety of micro grids in the mega scale of distribution grids.

  1. Firstly, this project enhances the planning process of the distribution network to take into account geographical and market operational impacts of micro grid integration.
  2. Secondly, we focus on advancing set of control functions for technology-based micro grids to obtain effective communication and coordination with the distribution grid.
  3. Finally, this project develops a tool-box that exploits potential flexibility of market-based micro grids for securing local network operation and mitigating power imbalance.

This creates flexibility market opportunities for involved stakeholders, thus accelerating adoption processes of developed micro grid technologies.

2 demonstration sites

Developed solutions in this project will be validated in a whole range of test environments, from the integral software platforms to power hardware-in-the-loop laboratory experiments.

Especially, we will develop two dedicated demonstration sites, one in Sweden to validate technology-based micro grid solutions and one in France to validate market-based micro grid solutions.

Replication of innovation in this real-life test environment is the next crucial step to determine how these micro grid solutions can be made suitable for the future energy system.

Link to the EU-Itea site


TU Eindhoven faculteit Electrical Engineering
Contactpersoon: dr. Phuong H. Nguyen 
E-mail: p.nguyen.hong@tue.nl
Tel. 040 247 5830


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