M3C Modular Multilevel Converter

M3C Modular Multilevel Converter

M3C Modular Multilevel Converter
Taking a revolutionary technology one step further

M3C – Design and Development of high-performance Multi-functional Modular Multilevel Converter Topologies for renewable energy integration in smart dc grid.

M2C to M3C

The resent renewed interest for the implementation of additional frequencies on several levels, ranging from power transmission, down to distribution and even converter level was largely influenced by the advancements in power electronics and the need for new solutions to meet the demand for increased efficiency, flexibility and system capability.

By analyzing the gains made in micro-grid design and power electronic devices, the aim is to design a system that can address the various challenges facing conventional, single-frequency solutions.


This project present a novel converter-based solution called the Multifunctional Modular Multilevel Converter (M3C) system.

The M3C system, as the name suggests, relies on multiple-frequency operations, modular component design and system-wide communication in order to achieve a new approach to electrical system design, that can be implemented on various levels, ranging from the nano-grid, to the transmission level.

The multi-frequency systems can be defined as a system that implements two or more frequencies and allows for variable frequency operation within the system to achieve various operational features, otherwise not possible in stiff, single-frequency systems. As can be implied from the systems name, the M3C is based on three important pillars to set it apart and offer an advantage to other existing and planned solutions. These pillars are:

  • Multifunctionality– via variable-, multiple-frequencies operations.
  •  Modularity– by implementing several hardware submodules as building blocks for the converter-interfaces (modules) of the system
  •  Multilevel implementation– the ability to scale up the system to various power and voltage levels while keeping the same principles of design and operation.

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The Multi-functional Modular Multilevel Converter
Taking a revolutionary technology one step further


Prof.dr.ir. Braham Ferreira, TU Delft

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