PROMOTION research - Grid connection of offshore wind

PROMOTioN – Offshore Transmission Networks

PROMOTION research - Grid connection of offshore wind
PROMOTION research – Grid connection of offshore wind

PROMOTioN: Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks

In order to unlock the full potential of Europe’s offshore resources, network infrastructure is urgently required, linking off-shore wind parks and on-shore grids in different countries.

HVDC obstacles

HVDC technology is envisaged but the deployment of meshed HVDC offshore grids is currently hindered by:

  • the high cost of converter technology
  • lack of experience with protection systems
  • fault clearance components
  • immature international regulations
  • financial instruments

PROMOTioN 3 key technologies

PROMOTioN will overcome these barriers by development and demonstration of three key technologies:

  1. a regulatory framework
  2. a financial framework
  3. an offshore grid deployment plan for 2020 and beyond

Expected impact PROMOTioN

  • Accelerating the deployment of meshed HVDC off-shore grids, with particular emphasis on Northern Seas partner countries, before 2020.
  • Ensuring that the technology will be ready for deployment in other regions in Europe for all transnational corridors defined in the trans-European energy infrastructure regulation, or be compatible (plug-and-play) with other upcoming technologies (e.g. ocean energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, etc. as soon as these technologies are ready for similar capacities).
  • Ensuring plug-and-play compatibility of all relevant equipment of the key suppliers.
  • Preparing for corresponding priority infrastructure projects identified under the trans-European energy infrastructure regulation.
  • Facilitating the efficient connection of off-shore wind resources to on-shore loads and with other available generation resources for balancing, covering the main Northern Seas partner countries.

Result 1: compact diode rectifier converter

A first key technology is presented by Diode Rectifier offshore converter. This concept is ground breaking as it challenges the need for complex, bulky and expensive converters, reducing significantly investment and maintenance cost and increasing availability.

A fully rated compact diode rectifier converter will be connected to an existing wind farm.

Result 2: HVDC grid protection system

The second key technology is an HVDC grid protection system which will be developed and demonstrated utilizing multi-vendor methods within the full scale Multi-Terminal Test Environment.

The multi-vendor approach will allow DC grid protection to become a ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

Result 3: HVDC circuit breaker prototypes

The third technology pathway will first time demonstrate performance of existing HVDC circuit breaker prototypes to provide confidence and demonstrate technology readiness of this crucial network component.

Result 3: International framework

The additional pathway will develop the international regulatory and financial framework, essential for funding, deployment and operation of meshed offshore HVDC grids.

With 35 partners PROMOTioN is ambitious in its scope and advances crucial HVDC grid technologies from medium to high TRL.

Research partners

Consortium includes all major HVDC and wind turbine manufacturers, TSO’s linked to the North Sea, offshore wind developers, leading academia and consulting companies, coordinated by DNV GL


2016 – 2019


EU funding program Horizon 2020 – CORDIS

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