Risk Based Maintenance in Electricity Network Organisations

Risk Based Maintenance

Risk Based Maintenance in Electricity Network Organisations
A major change is that many traditional utilities (responsible for generation, transmission and distribution) are now ‘network utilities’ (responsible for transmission and distribution), which are concerned with spending related to physical infrastructures.

Asset Maintenance in Electricity Distribution Network.

Research: a risk based maintenance in Electricity Network Organizations

  • Thema: DC grid architectures
  • Onderwerp: Maintenance Management

Strategies & Technologies for Asset Maintenance 
Management in Electricity Distribution Network 
Utilities: A Risk Based Approach 

Maintenance management structure

In current maintenance organizations, we observe shortcoming and gaps between strategic, tactical and operational levels.

In many cases, not all organization related factors are thoroughly considered in the strategy for maintenance, which results in an unclear situation when translating these factors to maintenance concepts, policies and actions.

Professionalizing management of maintenance

In this research an organization-wide (multi-disciplinary) maintenance management structure has been introduced and evaluated in practice.

In this structure the approach has been to add organizational aspects of influence, which are not confined to technical factors only.

Improvements will be steered from a point of view which interacts with other non- technical, however essential, aspects of maintenance management, e.g. aspects such as, organization & processes, information systems & data requirements, portfolio planning, compliancy, policy and criteria.

Maintenance Management Maturity Model

A Maintenance Management Maturity Model (M4) has been introduced and practically implemented.

Principally, the M4 is developed for assessing and monitoring a set of multi-disciplinary domains which are necessary for maintenance management professionalization. With the aid of this model the maturity levels have been assessed in 2012 and 2014 for gas and electricity network assets. Reviewing these maturity levels makes insightful which domains have improved or not.

This approach enables continuous improvement for maintenance management organizations on strategic levels.


Development of Utility Risk Linked RCM method

Evaluating our goal of professionalizing management of maintenance, we have found that the adoption of systematic and methodical approaches, especially on tactical level, is essential.

In this research a structured and methodical maintenance management model has been established. This model is based on the well-known Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) method which has been expanded to include and interrelate to the corporate risk management model and business values.

The established model provides a method in which risk is added to the traditional RCM method in order to cope with the consequences of functional asset failures on multiple corporate business values.

Once such a risk related maintenance concept is introduced, any (existing or new) maintenance policy and maintenance action can be assessed and expressed on its financial, technical and other business values such as safety, image and environmental consequences in terms of risks.

This new method we developed is named Utility Risk Linked RCM.

The method has been applied to a case study for power transformers and has been found to be a practical and comprehensive method for utility risk-based maintenance management.

The Utility Risk Linked RCM encompasses a comprehensive integrated approach for risk-based maintenance management.



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