prof.dr. (A.J.M.) Ad van Wijk

Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk is an independent sustainable energy entrepreneur, advisor


A. Adrie Spruijt

Adrie Spruijt is verbonden aan de Hogeschool Rotterdam: Kenniscentrum Duurzame H


Prof. dr. André Faaij

Faaij onderzoekt vooral CCS, duurzame energie en biobased economy, transport, e


Dr. Andreas Ligtvoet

Dr. Andreas Ligtvoet (Technopolis) is gespecialiseerd in green economy:duurzame


Prof. dr. A.H.M.E. Angele Reinders

Angèle Reinders (prof.dr.) present research focuses on energy-efficient system

 views Arie Paul van den Beukel

dr. ir. Arie Paul van den Beukel is an Industrial Design Engineer and also gradu


dr. (A.) Arjan van Schijndel

Dr. Arjan van Schijndel received his PhD. Electrical Engineering in 2010 at the


prof. Arjan van Timmeren

Arjan van Timmeren (TU Delft) focusses on the exchange, supply, demand and stora

 views (B.) Bart van Arem (B.) Bart van Arem is Professor of Transport Modeling, Chair of the


prof.dr. (B.) Bert van Wee

Bert van Wee. His research interests are in transport policy relevant issues, an


prof. Boudewijn Haverkort Boudewijn Haverkort focuses on model-driven design of embedded compu

 views (J.A.) Braham Ferreira Braham Ferreira is focussing at domestic intelligent DC grids, M3C i


dr. (P.A.) Bram Veenhuizen

Bram Veenhuizen is professor of HAN Automotive Research focussing on complex pow


prof.dr. (C.) Cees Witteveen

Cees Witteveen is a full professor in Algorithmics at Delft University of Techno


prof.dr. (C.) Claudio De Persis

Claudio De Persis is a professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Scien


beng. (C.) Constant Staal

Constant Staal is onderzoeker en docent aan de Hogeschool Rotterdam. Hij doet on


ir. (E.) (E.) Edwin Tazelaar

Edwin Tazelaar is researcher on energy management and fuel cell based propulsion


prof.dr. (E.) Elena Lomonova

Elena Lomonova focuses on fundamental and applied research on enabling energy co

 views (E.) Emile Chappin (E.) Emile Chappin is assistent professor at the TU Delft and a visiting


Prof. Eric van Heck

Eric van Heck is Professor of Information Management and Markets and Chairman at


dr. (E.M) Erik Kelder

Dr. Erik Kelder, returning from a Danish battery company, he worked on a patente

 views (E.) Erwin Meinders Erwin Meinders received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the Delft Univers


dr. (E.) Evangelos Pournaras

Dr. Evangelos Pournaras is currently a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich in


assoc. prof. (F.A.) Fernando Kuipers

Fernando A. Kuipers (IEEE senior member) is associate professor in the Network A


prof.dr. (F.M.) Fokko Mulder

The focus of my research is the fundamentals as well as practical aspects of ene

 views (F.M.T.) Frances Brazier

Frances Brazier is a full professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the De


ir. (F.G.) Frank Rieck

Frank Rieck is a lector Future Mobility at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and presiden


ing. (F.) Frans van de Weijdeven

Frans van de Weijdeven voert via Fontys een haalbaarheidsstudie uit naar 50% lag

 views (E.F.) Fred Steennis

Mr. Steennis is prof at the TU/e and a consultant on energy cables. Hij is autho


Dr. (F.W.) Frits Bliek

Frits Bliek is a Senior Energy Market Expert, CoFounder of USEF foundation, Foun


MSc. (F.) Frits de Nijs

Frits de Nijs is PhD Student at the Algorithmics Group of the Faculty of Enginee


MSc. (G.R.) Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli

Gautham Ram (1990) is a Ph.D. candidate at the Delft University of Technology. H


Dr. ir. Geert Heijenk

Geert Heijenk is an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

 views Geert Verbong Geert Verbong (TU Eindhoven) Ph.D. is a Full Professor in the sectio


prof.dr. (G.B.) George Huitema

George Huitema is Professor of Telematics (Telecommunication and Information Ser

 views (G.J.M) Gerard Smit

Since 2006, Gerard Smit is full professor in the CAES chair (Computer Architectu

 views (G.) Gert Spaargaren

Gert Spaargaren PhD (1954) is a Dutch professor at the Wageningen University. Hi


msc. (G.) Gerwin Hoogsteen

Gerwin was born in Opende (The Netherlands) in 1988. He received his B.Eng. degr

 views (G.P.A.) Gijs Mom GPA (Gijs) Mom is als docent / onderzoeker verbonden aan de TU/e Faculte


assoc. prof. (G.H.) Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia

Dr. Gonçalo Correia is an Assistant Professor at the department of transport an

 views Guus Pemen

A.J.M. (Guus) Pemen joined the University Eindhoven in 1998. His research intere


dr. H.P. (Phuong) Nguyen

Nguyen expertises: smart energy systems, distributed state estimation, control a

 views (J.A.) Han la Poutré

Prof. dr. ir. Han La Poutré is leader of the group Multi-agent and Adaptive Com

 views (J.G.) Han Slootweg

Prof. dr. ir. J.G. (Han) Slootweg is manager of the Innovation department of 4 B


prof.dr. Harry Timmermans

As a professor in the Urban Science and Systems group, prof.dr. (H.J.P.) Harry T

 views (H.J.) Henk Jan Bergveld Henk Jan Bergveld is part-time professor in the field of “Embedded


prof.dr. (H.C.) Henk Moll

Henk Moll (1952) was a professor of natural resources in relation to sustainable


prof.dr. (H.) Henk Nijmeijer

Since 2000, Prof.dr. Henk Nijmeijer (1955) is full-time working in Eindhoven, an


prof.dr. (H.A.) Herbert Zondag

Prof. dr. Herbert Zondag is a professor at the TU Eindhoven, specialized in Heat

 views (I.J.M.) Igo Besselink

As an assistant professor, Igo Besselink researchers the engineering


prof.dr. (R.L.) Inald Lagendijk

Reginald Lagendijk works for the Information and Communication Theory Group sinc


dr. (I.) Ivo Bouwmans

Dr. Ivo Bouwmans (MSc. Applied Sciences) has been Director of Studies of the Bac


prof. Jacquelien Scherpen

Prof. dr. ir. Jacquelien Scherpen (RUG) - order reduction methods for nonlinear


ing. (J.) Jan Benders

Jan Benders is a Senior Lecturer Automotive Electronics at the HAN University of


dr. (J.) Jan Faber

Professor Jan Faber is Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustai

 views (J.H.) Jan Kwakkel

Jan Kwakkel is an associate professor at the TU Delft. His research interest is


prof.dr. (J.P.L.) Jan Schoormans

Professor Dr. Jan Schoormans is professor of Consumer Behavior and Director of E


ir. (J.J.) Jan Uwland

Ir. Jan Uwland houdt zich bij TNO bezig met cybercars en de bijbehorende infrast


Prof. Jan van Dalen

Jan van Dalen is an associate professor Intelligence and Analytics at the Rotter


Prof. dr. Jeroen van den Hoven

Prof.dr. M.J. (Jeroen) van den Hoven is full professor of Ethics and Technology


msc. (J.H.) Joeri Wesseling

dr. Joeri Wesseling received his Ph.D. at Utrecht University. As an academic res


prof.dr. (J.L.) Johann Hurink

Prof.dr. Johann L. Hurink received the Ph.D. degree from University of Osnabrüc

 views (J.) Jos Wetzer

I am working in the area of infrastructures for Electricity Transmission and Dis


dr. (K.) Kas Hemmes

Dr. Kas Hemmes (Ph.D. in experimental physics) is an Associate Professor at the

 views Kees Vuik

Prof. Kees Vuik (TU Delft) expertise: expertise lies with Numerical Linear Algeb


Dr. Koen Kok

Koen Kok (Ph.D. in Computer Science) is a scientific researcher in the interdisc


prof.dr. (E.M.) Linda Steg

Prof. dr. Linda Steg is a prof at the University of Groningen, Dept. of Social P

 views (L.) Lou van der Sluis

Prof. van der Sluis is currently a member of Cigre WG. A3-24 to study the intera

 views Maarten Bonnema (G.M.) Maarten Bonnema TU Twente. His research interest includes systems e

 views (M.) Maarten Steinbuch (M.) Maarten Steinbuch (TU/e) modeling, design and control of motion


dr. (M.) Madeleine Gibescu

dr. (M.) Madeleine Gibescu is an Associate Professor with the Electrical Energy


dr. (M.) Magda Smink

Dr. Magda Smink werkt sinds juli 2016 als onderzoeker bij het Rathenau Instituut


ir. (M.) Marc Beusenberg

Ir. Marc Beusenberg is trekker van de opleiding Industrieel Product Ontwerpen, v

 views (M.G.D.) Marc Geers

Marc Geers is full professor in Mechanics of Materials at Eindhoven University.


Marcel den Haan

Marcel den Haan, Branche Manager Fedet is het gezicht van het Fedet bureau. F


M. Marcel Dukker

Marcel Dukker, Chief Commercial Officer at Technolution BV. Marcel is responsibl


Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout

Since June 2013 dr. Marcel van Oosterhout is active as business director for the


prof.dr. (M.) Marco Aiello

Marco Aiello is professor of Distributed Systems at the University of Groningen

 views (M.P.C.) Margot Weijnen Margot Weijnen is scientific director at Next Generation Infrastructu


dr. ir. (M.) Marjan Popov

Marjan Popov is associate professor in Electrical Power Systems at TU Delft. His


drs. Mark Schreurs

Drs. Mark Schreurs, founder van MisterGreen Electric Lease. Hij is de initiatief


Drs. (M.) Mark van Driel

Drs. Mark van Dries received his MSc. at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Bus


prof.dr. (M.P.) Marko Hekkert

Marko Hekkert (1971) is Director of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Deve

 views (M.) Marnix ten Kortenaar

Dr. Ir. Marnix ten Kortenaar is de founder van Dr. Ten, de man achter de Zeezout


msc. (M.J.) Mart van der Kam

Mart van der Kam is PhD Candidate at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Dev

 views (M.A.M.M.) Mart van der Meijden

Mart A.M.M. van der Meijden (TU Delft) has been working on the transmission and


dr. Martien Visser

Dr. Martien Visser is professor Energy Transition & Network Integration Hanze Un


M. Martijn Bongaerts

Martijn Bongaerts werkt bij Liander als manager Innovatie van de afdeling Asset


assoc. prof. (M.) Martijn Warnier

Dr. (M.) Martijn Warnier research focuses on secure management of large scale so


Prof.dr. (W.M.) Martin de Jong

Prof. Dr. Martin de Jong ( Ph.D. in System Engineering) is a scholar at the Delf

 views Mascha van der Voort

Dr. Mascha C. van der Voort (1974) is an associate professor at the Laboratory o


assoc. prof. (M.M.) Mathijs de Weerdt

Assoc. prof. (M.M.) Mathijs de Weerdt is member of the Algorithmics Group of the


dr. (M.T.J.) Matthijs Spaan

Matthijs Spaan is an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology and f


MSc. (E.) Minos Kontos

Minos Kontos is actively participating in renewable energy (TU Delft), trying to

 views (M) Miro Zeman (M) Miro Zeman was appointed associate professor at Delft University


P.J.M. Paul Korsten

Paul Korsten is werkzaam als projectcoördinator voor RENDO Duurzaam. Dit houdt

 views (P.P.J.) Paul van den Bosch

Paul van den Bosch was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He obtained his Mas


P. Paul Wagenaars

Paul Wagenaars (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering) works as a specialist at DNV GL

 views (P.M.) Paulien Herder P.M. Herder is professor in Engineering Systems Design and Head of t

 views (P) Pavol Bauer Pavol Bauer published over 45 journal and 200 conference papers. He i

 views (P.H.F.) Peter Morshuis

In 2012, (P.H.F.) Peter Morshuis started Solid Dielectric Solutions: focus


prof.dr. (P.H.L.) Peter Notten

Prof.dr. (P.H.L.) Peter Notten interest includes the development of advanced bat

 views (P.) Peter Palensky

Peter Palensky is involved in a variety of research projects focused on grid man


P.C.J.M. Peter van der Wielen

Peter van der Wielen received his PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology


dr. (P.A.A.F.) Peter Wouters

Dr. Peter (P.A.A.F.) Wouters interests include partial discharge techniques, vac


Ir. Petra de Boer-Meulman

Ir. Petra de Boer is working within DNV GL focussing on electricity storage, sma


Dr. Ir. Ravish Mehairjan

Ravish Mehairjan is with Stedin involved on maintenance management, condition mo

 views (R.A.) Remco Verzijlbergh Remco Verzijlbergh graduated in Applied Physics in Delft. How flexibility


dr. (R.M.J.) René Benders

René M.J. Benders studied chemistry, and energy and environmental studies at th


Drs. René Hooiveld

Drs. René Hooiveld is as director Sustainable Energy at TNO responsible for st


prof.dr. (I.G.) Rene Kamphuis

prof.dr. René Kamphuis was involved in the development, implementation and fiel

 views (R.P.P.) Rene Smeets René Peter Paul Smeets has been employed at KEMA, since 1995 and cu


ing. (R.T.W.J.) René van Hoppe

René van Hoppe is involved in the education and research of the Electrical Ener


MSc. (R.P.) Richard van Leeuwen

Richard received a cum laude bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from the


MSc Rick Bosman

Rick Bosman is researcher and consultant at the Dutch Research Institute for Tra


ir. (R.) Riender Happee

Ir. Riender Happee is assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology and

 views Rob Stikkelman Rob Stikkelman (TU Delft and director of the Center for Port Innovation)


msc. Robin Smale

Robin Smale is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Wageningen University. His research con


ing. (R.M.M.) Roeland Hogt

Roeland Hogt developed an Electric Vehicle Packaging Tool supporting the design


Drs. Roelien Attema

Drs. Roelien Attema is Research manager Monitoring & Control Services at TNO foc

 views (S.) Sacha Silvester

Sacha Silvester is an associate professor industrial design at TU Delft and a bo


S.M. Shima Mousavi Gargari

Asset management Technical Consultant on high voltage and Extra high voltage cab


MSc. (S.) Shruti Devasenapathy

Shruti Devasenapathy has been a PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology


dr. (S.O.) Simona Negro

Dr. Simona O. Negro is Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustai

 views (J.F.G.) Sjef Cobben Sjef Cobben works for Alliander, grid operator in the Netherlands, r


assoc. prof. (S.) Soora Rasouli

Assoc. dr. (S.) Soora Rasouli is building a model which can predict the market s

 views (S.) Stefan Sterkenburg

Berekening van wervelstroomrem / door Stefan W.P. van Sterkenburg ; publ. van de


bba Susanne Balm

Susanne Balm is als projectleider E-mobility & City Logistics verbonden aan het


Prof. Suzanne Brunsting

Suzanne Brunsting (ECN), is senior researcher and policy advisor on stakeholder

 views (T.) Theo Hofman

Theo Hofman is primarily working on the simulation and optimization of drivetrai

 views (T.N) Theo Olsthoorn

Professor Olsthoorn is a former MSc and PhD graduate of Delft University of Tech


dr. (T.) Thomas Hoppe

Dr. Thomas Hoppe (1980) has been working for ten years at the CSTM TU Twente. Si


Prof. dr. ir. Tim van der Hagen

Prof. dr. ir. Tim van der Hagen is voorzitter van het College van Bestuur van de


MSc. (V.) Venugopal Prasanth

Venugopal Prasanth is a PhD Researcher at the TU Delft, focussing on high power-


ir. (V.E.) Vera Bulsink

Ir Vera Bulsing has been a researcher within the project SOFIE (Slimme Ondersteu

 views (V.) Vincent Bakker

Vincent Bakker received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University

 views (W.L.) Wil Kling

Prof. Kling was involved in scientific organizations such as Cigre and IEEE and


dr. (W.G.J.H.M.) Wilfried van Sark

Dr. Wilfried van Sark (University Utrecht) is an expert in Plasma Chemical Vapou


dr. ir. D.W.F. Wim Brilman Wim Brilman is professor at the Faculty of Sustainable Process Technolog


Professor (W.J.T.) Wim van Gemert

Professor Wim van Gemert is a lector and 'spin in the web', at the Hanze Univers

 views (W.) Wim Zeiler

Prof. ir. Wim Zeiler specialties at the TU Eindhoven: Renewable energy in the b


Prof. Wolfgang Ketter

Wolfgang Ketter is a Professor of Next Generation Information Systems at the Rot

 views (W.) Wouter Leibbrandt

Wouter Leibbrandt is a Research Manager at TNO-ESI. Until early 2016 Wouter has


MSc. (Y.) Yakup Koç

Yakup Koç works at Stedin. Before he was researcher at IBM T.J. Watson Research

 views (Z.) Zofia Lukszo (Z.) Zofia Lukszo is a Steering Board member of PowerWeb - an interfaculty