(B.) Bart van Arem (B.) Bart van Arem is full time Professor of Transport Modeling, Chair of the Department Transport & Planning, Director of the TU Delft Transport Institute.

Van Arem Research

Will intelligent vehicles help solve congestion problems? High expectations rest on intelligent vehicles, yet the answer to this question is far from trivial.

My research focuses on analyzing and modeling the implications of intelligent vehicles.

Such implications vary from human factors to traffic flow on roads and networks.

The research has a strong modeling and simulation component based on empirics wherever possible using our instrument vehicles and driving simulator.

Educational activities

Arem teach the course MSc CIE 5805 Intelligent Vehicles for Safe and Efficient Traffic: Design and Assessment.

The course is aimed at theoretical and practical understanding of the interaction between intelligent systems and services, driving behavior and traffic flow characteristics. Students work in group and learn how to develop a design of intelligent systems in vehicles, including the technological components and control modules and assess the impacts in terms of behavioral adaptation, traffic safety and efficiency.

  • Arem developed the “Transport week”  as part of the course BSc CTB1120 Introduction to Civil Engineering, which introduces the basics of Transport planning and in which students study try to solve a major transport problem in the Delft region.
  • Arem teaches a module on Intelligent Transport Systems in the course CIE4760 Assessment of Transport Systems and Infrastructures.
  • Arem chaires around 10 MSc final thesis committees a year, with subjects in cooperative and intelligent driving as well as transport planning and modeling.

Research Group :

Analysing and modelling the implications of intelligent vehicles

Specialisatie :

Electric Vehicles: Design
Electric Vehicles: Dynamic Charging (Grid Integration)

TU Delft

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