prof.dr. (F.M.) Fokko Mulder

The focus of the research of prof.dr. Fokko Mulder are the fundamentals as well as practical aspects of energy storage and conversion materials for renewable energy applications.

The overall goal is to study materials and methods that can contribute to the large scale implementation of renewable energy storage, and with that can enable large scale introduction of varying renewable energy sources.

The materials studied include:

  • hydrogen storage materials
  • battery materials
  • electrolytes

The fundamental aspects studied include the physical effects of nanostructuring, the reversibility of hydrogen and lithium storage materials, electrochemical reactions, and in general factors that enable efficient and durable functioning of the materials.

Research interests Mulder

  • Energy storage and conversion materials
  • Lithium insertion compounds
  • Hydrogen storage materials
  • Fuel cell electrolytes, organic conductors
  • Impact of nanostructuring these materials

Key publications

Involved in projects

  • Energiecentrale Eemshaven
    Nuon wil zijn Magnum-gascentrale in het Eemshavengebied de komende jaren ombouwen tot een ‘superbatterij’ waar overtollige zonne- en windenergie wordt opgeslagen.

Research Group :

Batteries, Energy Storage & Conversion

Specialisatie :

Distributed Energy Resources: Storage

TU Delft

 Gebouw 31 Jaffalaan 5
       2628 BX Delft