ir. (F.G.) Frank Rieck

Frank Rieck is a lector Future Mobility on the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and president at Dutch-INSERT.

His background lies in industrial design of automobiles, the development of light materials and various senior management functions.

Since the Hotzenblitz in 1992 it was clear to him that electric mobility can offer a remarkable driving experience.

After seeing the unparallelled technical achievements at Tesla firsthand he is convinced that the combination of light cars and electric drive will make for an electrifying experience.

Frank Rieck Career

  • After his study, Frank Rieck worked at the HTS Eindhoven and at the Automobile design office Duvedec.
  • Later, while working at Hoogovens, he laid the foundation for the new lightweight material Hylite and he was responsible for the successful strategy ‘Best of Both Metals’, aimed at the automotive industry.
  • After the fusion of Hoogovens with Corus, Frank led the automotive strategy & marketing department.
  • At Polynorm Plastics he fullfilled the role of Director Sales & Development.
  • Later, he worked for Flamco as a parttime projectmanager. Since June 2004 he works for the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam as a lecturer.


  • 1985 Delft University of Technology, Master in Industrial Design

Work Experience

  • 2004 Hogeschool Rotterdam, Lecturer Future Mobility Education

Links to projects and researches

Research Group :

Future Mobility

Specialisatie :

EV (Electric Vehicles): Dynamic Charging (Grid Integration)
EV (Electric Vehicles): Design

University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam

 Museumpark 40
       3015 CX Rotterdam