(E.F.) Fred Steennis

After his education at the Technical University in Eindhoven, E. Fred Steennis joined KEMA in 1982. Here he started to study degradation mechanisms in energy cables for the Dutch utilities. On this subject he made his doctors thesis at the Technical University in Delft in 1989.

Fred Steennis Career

In 1991 he received the Hidde Nijland award for his contributions. After that his experience on degradation mechanisms and related test methods both in the field and the laboratory was further enhanced.

  • Based on this expertise, Mr. Fred Steennis became the Dutch representative in the CigrĂ© Study Committee on High Voltage Cables in the 90-s.
  • Moreover, he became member of various international Working Groups. In and outside the Netherlands, Mr. Steennis is also a consultant on energy cables and is author and teacher of the KEMA course on Power Cables and the course Remaining Life of Power Cables.
  • Since 1999, he is also part-time professor at the Technical University in Eindhoven, where he is teaching and studying diagnostics for power cables.
  • A main development that he started is pd-online (PD-OL), where power cables can be diagnosed and monitored under operating conditions while localizing defects.

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Research Group :

power cables

Specialisatie :

SG: Transmission (HV)

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