Geert Verbong Geert Verbong (TU Eindhoven) Ph.D. is a Full Professor in the section of Technology Innovation & Society of the School of Innovation Sciences.

Geert Verbong Career

  • He has a master degree in Applied Physics (1981)
  • He specialized in the History of Technology and he wrote, based on extensive archival research, a Ph.D. thesis on innovations in textile printing and dyeing in the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies in the 19th century
  • He was senior researcher and co-editor of two book series on the History of Technology in the Netherlands in the 19th and 20th century
  • His contributions focused on the relation between science and technology, engineering education and the development of energy systems

Eindhoven Energy Institute

More recently he focused on the introduction of renewable energy technologies and the future of energy systems.

Recent publications include a book on the history of renewable energy in the Netherlands (2001) and the Dutch Energy Research Centre (2005).

  • He has managed several research projects, funded by NWO and the Dutch Government (BSIK, EOS) and provides policy advices.
  • He teaches in the Innovations Sciences MSc. program and the MSc. program Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) at TU/e
  • He was for four years a parttime research coordinator at the Brabant Center for Sustainable Development (Telos) at Tilburg University
  • Currently he is also research and education coordinator at the Eindhoven Energy Institute
  • He has been a core member of the Dutch Knowledge Network on System Innovations or Transitions, in particularly working on the social dimensions of smart grids and the implementation of solar PV.

Involved in Projects and Researches

Research Group :

Renewable energy technologies and the future of energy systems

Specialisatie :

Smart Grids: Socio-technical Systems
DER (Distributed Energy Resources)/EV (Electric Vehicles)/SG (Smart Grid): Markets
Optimization of multiple energy carriers