(J.A.) Han la Poutré

Prof. dr. ir. Han La Poutré is leader of the group Multi-agent and Adaptive Computation and head of the cluster Software Engineering at CWI. He is Scientific Staff Member at CWI and Professor at the TU Delft.

Formerly, he was affiliated with:

  • Princeton University
  • Utrecht University (KNAW Fellow)
  • Eindhoven University (full professor)
  • Leiden University

Adaptive agent strategies

Han La Poutré focuses on adaptive decision making in multi-actor and uncertain environments. This comprises computational intelligence techniques and decentralized paradigms, like multi-agent systems and non-cooperative (economic) games.

La Poutré interests

His research interests include the design of adaptive agent strategies and simulation systems in strategic economic games (like negotiation, repeated auctions, or market based planning) and optimization problems.

He develops generic and enriched models as well as adaptive solutions for target problems in key application areas like

  • smart electricity networks
  • health care
  • transportation logistics
  • electronic markets

Han addresses this via a combination of fundamental and applicable research.


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Research Group :

Intelligent Systems; Electrical Sustainable Energy

Specialisatie :

IT: Distributed Service Platform
IT: Smart Algorithms (Medium/Low Voltage)
IT: Smart Home Appliances


 Science Park 123
       1098 XG Amsterdam