prof.dr. (R.L.) Inald Lagendijk

Reginald Lagendijk has been with the Information and Communication Theory Group since 1985. He is a Full Professor in the field of multimedia signal processing.

Inald Lagendijk Career

The fundamental question that he is interested in, is how multimedia information (images, video, audio) can be represented such that it is not only efficient in communication bandwidth or storage capacity, but that it is also easily identified when stored in large volumes (video libraries, internet) or transmitted over networks (e.g. P2P networks), that it is robust against errors when transmitted, that it can be protected against unauthorized usage, and that it has a good (audio-visual) quality.

  • Research projects he is involved in cover subjects such as video compression, multimedia content security (fingerprinting, watermarking), image and video libraries, wireless multi-media communications, and image sequence restoration and enhancement.


  • 1990 Delft University of Technology, Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Work Experience

  • 2010- Delft University of Technology, Head of Department “Intelligent Systems”
  • 2008- Delft University of Technology, Scientific Director DIRECT
  • 1999- Delft University of Technology, Full Professor of Information and Communication Theory
  • 1987 – 1999 Delft University of Technology, Assistant / Associate Professor

Links to projects and researches

IN4ENERGY: Working together on tomorrow’s energy supply

Research Group :

Research on ICT

Specialisatie :

Multimedia, communications, signal processing, information theory, research, education, project acquisition, european research projects

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