dr. (I.) Ivo Bouwmans

Dr. Ivo Bouwmans (1961) graduated in 1986 at the Faculty of Applied Physics of Delft University of Technology on the subject of Underwater Gas Escapes.

Ivo Bouwmans Career

  • Bouwmans┬áreceived his PhD in 1992 for the thesis The Blending of Liquids in Stirred Vessels.
  • From 1991 to 1995, Ivo worked at Interduct, Delft University Clean Technology Institute.
  • Since November 1995 he works in the group of Energy & Industry of the faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, where he has been Director of Studies of the Bachelor studies Technische Bestuurskunde since 2005.


  • Director of Studies of the Bachelor’s degree program┬áTechnische Bestuurskunde
  • Course Systems Modeling 1 (1st year)
  • Course Physical Transport Phenomena (heat, mass and momentum transfer; 2nd year)
  • Elective Course Socio technology of Future Energy Systems (Master phase)

Work Experience

  • 1995 – present Delft University of Technology, Lecturer and Director of Bachelor Studies
  • 1991 – 1995 Interduct / Delft University Clean Technology Institute, Researcher
  • 1986 – 1991 Delft University of Technology, Ph.D. Student


  • Next Generation Infrastructures: Understanding Complex Networks subprogramme leader
  • Next Generation Infrastructures: project Understanding Complex Networks: an Interactive Approach
  • integration of sustainable energy systems in the energy infrastructure
  • ENET-L: the electronic energy network of Delft University
  • Hydrogen: the Greening of Gas
  • The useful application of waste for generation of energy and in the industries
  • Reduction of the environmental load in the framework of the “Convenant Verpakkingen II”
  • Scenario study on the future energy supply in the Netherlands
  • Application of biomass
  • Energy map for the municipality of Delft
  • Tariffs in the liberalised gas market
  • The Environment and Energy Directory
  • the ‘Grondstoffenstudie’: fossil resources/petrochemistry & mineral resources
  • The discussion list GT-ATMDC on atmospheric dispersion of chemicals
  • GRNSD, the Global Research Network on Sustainable Development

Links to projects and researches

Research Group :

Power Technology, Policy & Management

Specialisatie :

DER (Distributed Energy Resources)/EV (Electric Vehicles)/SG (Smart Grid): Policy
Smart Grids: Socio-technical Systems

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