dr. (K.) Kas Hemmes

Dr. Kas Hemmes received a master’s degree in experimental and theoretical physics in 1983 from Groningen University in the area of metal physics (high cycle fatigue and precipitation hardening). His PhD thesis was on the subject of perpendicular magnetic recording, received at Twente University in 1986.

Kas Hemmes Career

  • After his PhD work he became assistant professor and later associate professor in the department of materials science of TU Delft, responsible for the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell projects carried out within the framework of the national fuel cell research program for 15 years.
  • As of November 2001 he joined the section Energy and Industry of the faculty Technology, Policy and Management as associate professor in the Energy domain among others responsible for the Dutch Greening of Gas project; a large feasibility study on the addition of hydrogen into the natural gas grid in the Netherlands.
  • Since 1 October 2005 he joined the section Technology Dynamics and Sustainable Development of the same faculty.


1974 – 1983 University of Groningen, Ph.D. in Physics

1974 – 1983 University of Groningen, MSc. in Physics

1983 – 1986 Twente University, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences

1986 – 1987 Twente University, Research assistant

Work Experience

  • 1987 – present Delft University of Technology, Associate Professor

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Research Group :

Economics of Innovation and Technology

Specialisatie :

Fuel cells and Multi Source Multi Product Energy systems

TU Delft

 Gebouw 31 Jaffalaan 5
       2628 BX Delft