Kees Vuik

Prof. Kees Vuik is a Full Professor at the Delft University of Technology. His research fields consists of Numerical Linear Algebra applied to problems originating from the discretized Navier Stokes equations, the solution of moving boundary problems (Stefan problems), and power grid simulations.

His expertise lies with Numerical Linear Algebra, Krylov methods, preconditioners, and High Performance Computing. 

Kees Vuik Career

  • Scientific Director of 4TU.AMI Applied Mathematics Institute
  • Director of TU Delft Institute for Computational Science and Engineering
  • Member of the 2015 NWO-FOM Mission to India
  • Member of the 2013 Netherlands-Flanders Economic Mission to Texas
  • Associate Editor of SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC)
  • Dutch representative of EU-MATHS-IN
  • Member of the Werkcommissie voor Promoties
  • Member of the Powerweb board
  • Member of the NDNS+ board
  • Member of the Curriculum Commissie Wiskunde
  • Member of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, see also Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities
  • Accompanying Staff of the Study Visit China 2006


  • 1983 – 1988 Utrecht University, PhD in Mathematics
  • 1977 – 1982 Delft University of Technology, Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis

Work Experience

  • 2012 3TU.AMI Applied Mathematics Institute, Scientific Director
  • 2007 Delft University of Technology, Full Professor in  Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis
  • 1999-2007 Delft University of Technology, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis
  • 1988-1999 Delft University of Technology, Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis

Involved in Projects and Researches

Research Group :

Numerical Analysis

Specialisatie :

Numerical Linear Algebra, Krylov methods, preconditioners, and High
Performance Computing.

TU Delft

 Building 36, Mekelweg 4
       2628 CD Delft