dr.ir. Maarten Bonnema

dr.ir (G.M.) Maarten Bonnema TU Twente

His research interest includes systems engineering, systems design and in particular communication in systems design.

Three directions are pursued:

  1. Create High-level models
  2. Creating a simple to use language that is understood by all disciplines involved
  3. Condense information


We have observed that in contrast to the general idea, expert designers do not use models that are as complete as possible. They use models that are as simple as possible.

Combine model types: As each discipline has its own set of frequently used models, it is necessary to investigate a way of connecting these models. These directions recur in different projects of that I participate in, or in where I supervise researchers.

Bonnema Publications

Funkey architecting : an integrated approach to system architecting (2008) Funkey architecting : an integrated approach to system architecting using functions, key drivers and system budget…
A decade of teaching systems engineering to Bachelor students. In: 11th …
Mijn TOM Aan het moduleteam van Michel Ehrenhard en MaartenBonnema de uitdaging om deze verschillende gebieden te integreren in één module.
TRIZ for systems architecting an approach for supporting system architects.
We have presented a way to connect TRIZ to the architecting method FunKey. This may help the system architect both in finding implementations for his functions, and in simplifying the system. A simpler system, of course, is easier to partition. Also, the principle appears to be easy to implement in a computer tool. Main issue is how to connect the key drivers with the TRIZ principles. This can either be achieved with artificial intelligence, a database of related terms, or by using the experience of the designers. Latter solution is preferred as for now. Both the FunKey method and the linking to TRIZ are currently being tested in industrial cases.

Research Group :

Design, Production and Management

Specialisatie :

Smart Grids: Distribution (Medium/Low Voltage)
IT: Smart Algorithms (Medium/Low Voltage)

Universiteit Twente

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