(P.M.) Paulien Herder P.M. Herder is professor in Engineering Systems Design in Energy & Industry and Head of the Engineering Systems and Services Department at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology.

Herder Expertises

Her area of expertise is the design and management of energy systems and infrastructures: energy systems integration and smart grids, with a focus on socio-technical design of energy networks under technological and market uncertainty.

This includes the operation and maintenance, or the asset management, of infrastructures.

In this research she combines deep technical knowledge of energy systems with the overlaying institutions and governance arrangements.

Herder has extensively worked in and led multidisciplinary research teams of social and technical scientists and practitioners.

Herder is Director of the Delft Energy Initiative (TU Delft), and Editor-in-Chief of the Springer journal “Infrastructure Complexity”

Topteam Energy

Paulien Herder joins the Dutch government’s Top Team for Energy (Topteam Energie) on 1 November. In the team, she will be representing Dutch knowledge institutions.

Paulien Herder: “This is all about ensuring that the Netherlands becomes competitive and has a knowledge economy in both the short and longer term. We have established an ambitious knowledge agenda in order to achieve that.

To advance this agenda, efforts are required from all knowledge institutions in the Netherlands. In addition, I will also be focusing on the human capital agenda, to guarantee that we have outstanding employees in the future as well willing to work in the energy sector.”

Top Team for Energy

The Top Team is made up of a figurehead from the sector, a representative from the world of science, a leading civil servant and an innovative entrepreneur representing SMEs. The Top Team serves as the executive board and is ultimately responsible for the Energy Top Sector. The Top Team is also supported by a steering group (Regieteam).

Objectives of Energy Top Sector

The Energy Top Sector works to achieve clean and efficiently generated energy in order to improve the Dutch economy. Energy innovations contribute to lowering the costs of reducing CO2 emissions, developing renewable energy sources and making smarter use of them. Energy research and innovation are the means by which the Netherlands will transition towards a low CO2 energy economy.

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Research Group :

Energy & Industry

Specialisatie :

System reliability including extreme events
Smart Grids: Distribution (Medium/Low Voltage)
Distributed Energy Resource / Electric Vehicle / Smart Grid: Policy
DC grid architectures

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