prof.dr. (P.H.L.) Peter Notten

Prof.dr. (P.H.L.) Peter Notten  was born in The Netherlands in 1952, was educated in analytical chemistry and joined Philips Research from 1975 to 2010.

While working at these laboratories on the electrochemistry of etching of III-V semiconductors he received his PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1989.

Hydrogen storage materials

Since then Prof.dr. (P.H.L.) Peter Notten activities have been focusing on the research of:

  • hydrogen storage materials for application in rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • switchable optical mirrors and gas phase storage
  • Lithium-based rechargeable battery systems


Notten Career

Since 2000 he has been appointed as part-time professor and in 2010 as full professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he is heading the interdepartmental group Energy Materials and Devices (Departments of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and Electrical Engineering).

His main interest includes the development of:

  1. advanced battery materials, hydrogen storage materials, spectral conversion materials
  2. new battery technologies
  3. modeling of energy conversion processes and (NiMH, Li-ion and bio-fuel cells) systems and
  4. the development of sophisticated Battery Management Systems (BMS)

He is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Advanced Energy Materials and the International Journal of Electrochemical Science. He has published as (co)author about 170 scientific papers and contributions to scientific books and owns about 30 patents.

Research Group :

Catalysis and Energy

Specialisatie :

Distributed Energy Resources: Storage

TU Eindhoven

 Den Dolech 2
       5600 MB Eindhoven