dr. (P.A.A.F.) Peter Wouters

Peter Wouters (1957)  studied physics at the Utrecht University (UU) until 1984, from which he received the Ph.D. degree in 1989. In 1990 he joined the Electrical Energy Systems (EES) group at the Technical University of Eindhoven as research associate.

Peter Wouters Career

Dr. Peter (P.A.A.F.) Wouters is involved in about 200 scientific publications (journal & conference papers, research contract reports, patents, Ph.D. theses). Further he is co-organizer of ISDEIV?98, ICSD?01, EMC Europe 2004, and PowerTech 2015.

His research interests include partial discharge techniques, vacuum insulation, and low-frequency electromagnetic shielding. Currently he is assistant professor in the field of diagnostic techniques in high-voltage systems.


  • 5CHA0 Classical and modern physics (Mede-docent)
  • 5SVA0 High voltage technology (Verantw. Docent)

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Research Group :

diagnostic techniques in high-voltage systems

Specialisatie :

SG: Transmission (HV)

TU Eindhoven

 Den Dolech 2
       5600 MB Eindhoven