dr.ir. (R.A.) Remco Verzijlbergh

Dr.ir. Remco Verzijlbergh graduated in Applied Physics in Delft.

The main focus of his research is how the flexibility offered by electric vehicles can provide additional value to various actors operating in the electric power system in the light of higher shares of renewable energy production.

The role of electric mobility in future Energy Systems

Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to play a crucial role in clean and intelligent power systems. The key to this potential lies in the flexibility that EVs provide by the ability to shift their electricity demand in time.

This flexibility can be used to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources by adjusting EV demand to the variable production of wind or solar energy. On the other hand, the same flexibility can be employed to reduce peaks in network load that could result from a massive adoption of EVs.

This PhD thesis aims to improve the understanding of the value of flexible EV demand in the context of multi-actor power systems with a high share of renewable energy sources.

We first explore flexible EV demand from a distribution network point of view, and then in the light of renewable energy integration. Moreover, we also bring these perspectives together and investigate mechanisms to align the different objectives related to the distribution networks and renewable energy integration.

This thesis thus demonstrates the value of demand response in the sustainable power systems of the future.

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Research Group :

Power system economics

Specialisatie :

Distributed Energy Resources: Storage
Smart Grids: Distribution (Medium/Low Voltage)
Electric Vehicles: Dynamic Charging (Grid Integration)
Distributed Energy Resource / Electric Vehicle / Smart Grid: Policy

TU Delft

 Gebouw 31 Jaffalaan 5
       2628 BX Delft