S.M. Shima Mousavi Gargari

Shima Mousavi Gargari Asset management Technical Consultant on high voltage and extra high voltage cables.

She is in charge of technical specifications, company’s technical policies & etc which are used as a general basis by the project teams. Gargari is also a technical Auditor for prequalifying the cable suppliers for the company.

Shima Mousavi Gargari Expertise

She is responsible for the supervising and witnessing the FAT and SAT. She is also acting as project advisor on undergrounding. Gargari also devise the technical requirement for various monitoring systems to be incorprated in transmission grid.

Links to projects and researches

Research Group :

Power cables & failures

Specialisatie :

System reliability including extreme events


 Utrechtseweg 310
       6800 AS Arnhem