dr.ir (Z.) Zofia Lukszo

Dr.ir (Z.) Zofia Lukszo concentrates on a wide range of problems in the way energy infrastructures are functioning today, and aims at developing new, intelligent concepts for modeling, optimization and control of their operation resulting in more effective, efficient, safe and reliable utilization.

For the modeling purpose the agent-based paradigm turned out as most adequate. In the modeling framework entities are represented as agents that exhibit ‘behavior’ through decision rules to enable simulation of continuous or discrete complex systems.

The framework and all designed software are open-source and have a modular character.

Operation of infrastructures

In the last two years the research shifted from general interest in operation of infrastructures into future energy systems, and smart grids in particular.

Lukszo Research

Her research concentrates on a wide range of problems in the way complex socio-technical systems are functioning today and can be (re-)shaped for the sustainable future.

The questions she works on concern investigation of supporting technology and emerging institutions for the transition towards sustainable energy systems.

Shaping smart grid, requiring additional flexibility from the users in cooperation with dispatchable power plants, storage and interconnections, forms a main pillar in her research.


Zofia is a Steering Board member of PowerWeb – an interfaculty research programme on smart grids at the Delft University of Technology.


Smart grid, widely considered to be an essential improvement of the electricity system that will aid in integrating renewable energy, facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles and providing superior energy services to consumers, is an important part in my research now.


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Sofia Lukszo is frequently a member of the International Program/Organizing Committee of international conferences

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Research Group :

Energy & Industry

Specialisatie :

Distributed Energy Resources: Storage
Electric Vehicles: Dynamic Charging (Grid Integration)
Distributed Energy Resource / Electric Vehicle / Smart Grid: Policy
Optimization of multiple energy carriers

TU Delft

 Gebouw 31 Jaffalaan 5
       2628 BX Delft